Top 3 Reasons why everyone isn’t trading up….yet

Why isn’t everyone trading up if it’s really that easy? That seems to be a common question I see from people who don’t think trading a small not very valuable item up to a high value item is possible.  Well, I’m here to tell you flat out that not only is it possible trading up is not very hard and to be honest I don’t exactly know why more people aren’t doing it.

Let’s dig a little deeper than that though and I’ll give you a 3 reasons why I think people don’t trade up.

1. They don’t think it’s possible

We come from a society that thinks the only way to make money in this world is going to a 9-5 job like a robot to collect a paycheck.  It always blows my mind when someone says trading up isn’t possible.  To me it’s as simple as it gets. You have something someone else wants.  What they have happens to be worth more than what you have.  So you make a trade.  Now, it’s as easy as rinse and repeating this process.  How is that “impossible”?

2. They’re lazy

Let’s face it; people are just flat out lazy.  Do you know how many of my friends have tried trading up, since they see all the toys I have and know I do it all the time, but quit after posting their ad ONE time?  All of them.  Well, there was one that made one trade, but then quit after that.  I mean folks; don’t get me wrong here, trading up is easy, but you have to do a little bit of work.  By “work” I mean cleaning something, taking pictures, spending 3 minutes posting it to Craigslist and responding to emails.  If you aren’t willing to put 15-20 minutes a day on your trade up, I wouldn’t suggest starting.

 3. They’ve never heard of it  

 This is probably the biggest one of all.  The fact is, not too many people have heard about bartering or really even know what it is.  You know how many people I talk to about bartering don’t even realize Craigslist has a “barter” section?  A lot.   However, I believe this is going to change in the very near future.  With the increasing popularity of the show Barter Kings (and I’m sure some other spin off that will start soon) and new bartering websites coming out, bartering is at the baby stages.  I’d bet by this time next year the bartering world will double what it is today.  Yes, that’s a bold statement, but I believe it to be true.

I can honestly say before I got into the bartering game, reasons 1 and 3 where holding me back.  First, I didn’t have a clue of what “trading up” was and second after I heard a couple stories about it I figured it wasn’t possible.  Well, thank god I tried it for myself.

People have been bartering for thousands of years so there isn’t anything new here.  The difference is now we (the barter underworld) are strategically trading things.  I. Love. Trading up.


What do you think some other reasons are why people aren’t trading?  Comment below!

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  1. Kenny L.
    1724 days ago

    I’d say one of the biggest reasons holding people back is they don’t know where to start. Yes, it might seem easy to some, but to others who have never done it it might be overwhelming. Maybe a blog post on exactly where to start might be good?

  2. Sean
    1723 days ago

    @Kenny, I think you’re 100% correct with that. I’ll defiantly consider writing a “Exactly where to start” type of blog post. Thanks for the comment!

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"Sean helped me get started and make my first trade. He really went above and beyond to make sure I understood every step of the process. Thanks again, Sean!" -Tyler L Orlando, FL

"I honestly didn't think trading up was possible. Sean said to email him if I had any questions so I figured I might as well. He not only convinced me how possible it is he walked me through step by step until I made my first trade up. I am so happy I found this blog and emailed Sean." -Dave R. Raleigh, NC