Top 3 Items to Start your Trade String

I get this question all the time from my readers. As much as I wish I could give them an exact answer, it’s just not that easy.  I have some suggestions, but keep in mind what works awesome for some might not work as well for others.  With that said I’ll give you what has worked best for me in the past.

1.  iPhone 4 

Not 4s (too expensive).  Some people would argue that any Apple product works great, but I haven’t found that to be true.  I’ve tested some iPod touches and did not have great success.  I find that the market for iPod touches is slightly flooded.  Of course, you are going to want to test this for yourself.  Don’t be discouraged if a Touch is your starting item.  It might work awesome for you.  It just didn’t work great for me.

2.  iPad 2

Keep in mind I’m saying iPad 2 and not a 3.  I haven’t found there to be any difference in the tradability between an iPad 2 and an iPad 3. iPads have been by far my most successful item to trade.  People would pretty much give their first born for an iPad.  Maybe not, but you get what I’m saying.  The reason is, an iPad is a luxury item that the average person wouldn’t go out and buy, but they might have an older four wheeler they don’t use anymore they’ll trade.

3.  Netbook Computers

Not a laptop a netbook.  What’s the difference? Money! Netbook computers are those little 10 inch screen computers that are pretty much only good for browsing the web and cost around $150-$200 used.  However, they have a really high perceived value because it’s still a computer.

One of these 3 items should really get you off on the right foot. Keep in mind the item can only get you so far.  You’re still going to have to write a compelling title and ad, which we’ll cover in later posts.   Also, don’t worry if you don’t have any of these 3 items.  I’ve just found that they work best.  To to give you an idea, I’ve started with watches, gold testing kits, headphones, boats and bunch of other crap.  You don’t know if something is going to work unless you try it out!

What works best for you? Leave a comment!

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  1. Paul Cook
    1703 days ago

    Some very good ideas and products to utilize to start a trade string. I whole-heartedly agree that the information in this article post would yield success. Very helpful.

  2. Sean
    1703 days ago

    Thanks Paul! It really doesn’t matter what you start with as long as you start. You never know how well something will trade until you list it.

  3. Tyson
    1701 days ago

    There are some great ideas in this article. Really brings thoughts to the fore front of the mind. When speaking about the iPod and comparing it to the iPhone, the iPod would definitely be a place to start I would have to agree with that.

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