I’m back! This time with a NEW Challenge

Hey everyone!!

Long time no post for me!  I haven’t bartered anything in a while now.  It all came to an end when I started a new job that didn’t give me quite the freedom of my old gig so I could just go out on barter deals.  Plus, to be honest, the bartering field got a lot harder in terms or available items.

So I have officially moved on.  Of course, what I taught can absolutely still be used becasue it’s just great core information.

I’m super excited to talk to everyone about my new project!  It’s called Started with $500.  It’s basically, an challenge I put out to myself much like when I started bartering.  With bartering I saw this guy getting all kinds of attention because he started with a cell phone and bartered his way up to a car.  So I thought if he could do it why couldn’t it?  And well, I didn’t get to a car, but I got to a couple Harley Davidsons, some snowmobiles, a few four wheels, jet skis and a ton of other things.  Made thousands of dollars doing it to.

Well, with this new challenge I’m doing something a little different.  I gave myself $500 to start with and I’m doing what’s called “Retail Arbitrage”.  It’s basically buying stuff for really low, usually of clearance, at big box stores turning around and selling it on Amazon through their warehouse system call Fulfillment by Amazon.   I explain that put in more detail on the website.

Full disclosure here.  I’ve already made thousands of dollars doing this so I’m not a newbie.  However, with this challenge, I’m limiting myself to only using the initial $500 and whatever profit I make to buy new things.

Come check it out.  The site is www.StartedWith500.com.




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"Sean helped me get started and make my first trade. He really went above and beyond to make sure I understood every step of the process. Thanks again, Sean!" -Tyler L Orlando, FL

"I honestly didn't think trading up was possible. Sean said to email him if I had any questions so I figured I might as well. He not only convinced me how possible it is he walked me through step by step until I made my first trade up. I am so happy I found this blog and emailed Sean." -Dave R. Raleigh, NC