Has Bartering Become Harder lately??

Hey Everyone! Long time no post! Making money bartering on Craigslist

I have been getting this question emailed to me AT LEAST once or twice a week for the past few months now and I figured I would just address it in a post.

Has bartering become more difficult?

The simple answer is, yes I believe it has become more difficult.  I wish I could give a solid reason why it has, but I can’t.  I still post things to trade, but I sometimes get ZERO emails which is very strange since some of the items are (or used to be) real hot.  I’m talking about iPads, gift cards, iPhones etc..

It has most definitely slowed the rate at which I barter.   I was doing it so much before that is was a full time gig and I was making a decent amount of money doing it.  Now, it’s just increasingly more difficult and evolves A LOT more work.

Maybe before it was just the glory days and I didn’t realize it?  Maybe the show Barter Kings really made people excited to trade things?  Whatever it was it seems to have cooled down quite a bit.

With all that said, let me make something clear.  You can absolutely still trade up and make money doing it.  That has not and will never change since people have been bartering for thousands of years.  The only thing I’m saying is it appears to have gotten a little bit tougher to do.  Also, please keep in mind that I’m from a small city (about 60,000) so it could just be a little worst where I’m from.

While I don’t have all the answers I can tell you one thing.  If you stick to all the tips I’ve laid out on this website and my videos, you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity to trade up.

Stick with it! There will always be people lout there looking to trade!

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