Alright Barter Nation, I need your advice…..

So it’s my turn to ask you guys and girls a question.  As some of you might have noticed I have not been able to respond to all the emails and questions I’ve been getting.  Most of the emails and questions are asking essentially the same thing and to be honest I love getting them because it shows that you guys are taking some action and willing to try this thing out.  You’re not one of “those” people that think trading up is a scam or it’s not possible.  Those people are lame.

So this is what I’m thinking.  I’m considering putting together a live course that will teach you guys and girls everything I know about bartering and sharing all my experiences (good and bad) with trading up.  I’ll pull back the cover and lay everything out on the table.   You can ask me questions and I can ask you questions as well.

I want to do this because I feel I’ll be able to better educate everyone if I can talk to each one of you and you can ask questions as we go along instead of trying to make assumptions with the material I wrote out.  With that said, I’m the first one to admit I’m not the best writer in the world and I most likely left stuff out.

With 31,000 video views and 207 subscribes on my YouTube channel there is clearly a need for something like this.

So my questions to you are:

  1. Would this be something you would be interested in?
  2. How much would you reasonably be willing to pay for this live course?

Keeping question #2 in mind, I’m not looking to become a millionaire by doing this, however, to put together the course I’m thinking it’s going to take a consider amount of time and effort as well as have some upfront costs on my end.

So what do you think?  Does this sound like something you might be interested in?

Send me an email to and just answer the 2 questions. I promise I’ll email you back confirming I got it!  I’m going to leave it up to you guys to see if I undertake this or not.  Once I get a certain number of people emailing me if their interested or not.  I’ll make another post on here to give you the details.

Today is August 29th and I’m going to give you guys, Barter Nation, 30 days to respond.  So let me hear it!!

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"Sean helped me get started and make my first trade. He really went above and beyond to make sure I understood every step of the process. Thanks again, Sean!" -Tyler L Orlando, FL

"I honestly didn't think trading up was possible. Sean said to email him if I had any questions so I figured I might as well. He not only convinced me how possible it is he walked me through step by step until I made my first trade up. I am so happy I found this blog and emailed Sean." -Dave R. Raleigh, NC